The Chapter Board and Treasurer are charged with the fiduciary responsibility of maintaining all aspects of the Chapters’ financial management. This includes banking, monitoring investments, financial reporting, payroll processing, annual tax return preparation and reporting to APA National at pre-determined intervals by submitting bank and investments statements and tax returns. All aspects of financial bookkeeping and recordkeeping are managed by the Treasurer and the Chapter Administrator utilizing QuickBooks software. The Chapter also has a CPA firm who manages our payroll taxes and annual tax returns.

Annual Budget

The President shall develop and recommend to the Board an annual budget which they shall either adopt or amend. Any amended budget of funds shall be adopted by the Board. The budget year of the Chapter shall be the fiscal year beginning in January.

The development of the Chapter budget is a process that lays out the financial plan and determines how our financial obligations will be met. Our Chapter strives to provide our membership with services that reflect current needs and trends through our many programs and annual conference.

The annual budget process begins in October with the Treasurer, President, Chapter Administrator and interested board members reviewing the current budget and expense as well as previous years to understand how funds are being allocated via the budget and making sure we stay within stated budget goals.

The 2024 Budget was adopted in December of 2023 and can be viewed below along with budgets from the past three years. 

The Chapters’ financial information is reviewed monthly by the Board to ensure stated budgetary goals are being met and to allow for full transparency for both the Board and Membership. All budget documents and monthly financial reports are posted on the website with the monthly Board packet. Any additional information can be obtained by contacting the Treasurer or Chapter Administrator.

Year End Financial Report

Annually, the Chapter Treasurer presents the previous year's financial report ending December 31st. This information can be found in the Chapter's Annual Reports. Reports for the last three years are provided below.

2021 Year End Financials

2020 Year End Financials

2019 Year End Financials