Maureen Paz de Araujo, FAICP CTP CEP

Over three decades, Maureen has held leadership roles at public agencies and in professional practice, engaging in a broad range planning roles in both the public and privates. Her work has included environmental and transportation planning, traffic planning and analysis, campus planning, and urban design roles. She is currently a Senior Project Manager for Wilson & Company, focusing on transportation planning, traffic operations analysis and travel demand forecasting. Maureen is a Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners and a Member of the Transportation Research Board standing committee on Disaster Response, Emergency Evacuations and Business Continuity. She received a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Notre Dame. 

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President Elect

Josh Olhava, AICP

Josh is a Sr. Community Planner and Sr. Project Manager at Ayres where he leads a dynamic planning team as part of Ayres' Western Development Services Division. With over a decade of public sector experience, he enjoys using his diverse skills and experiences to help communities overcome challenges and work to meet their goals. In addition to his role as Treasurer, Josh is actively involved with the Professional Development, Conference Planning, and Youth in Planning Committees. Outside of work, he enjoys staying active and spending time with his family.

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Vice President of External Affairs and Awards Committee Representative

Shelia Booth, AICP

Vice President of Communications and Outreach and Communication Committee Representative

Alex Bergeron

With over a decade of professional experience in Colorado, in both the private and public sectors, and prior experience in Rhode Island, Alex brings to the Board a perspective informed in part by his work with a very diverse set of client communities; including those which are urban in character, others more suburban, those known for their affluence, and some celebrated for their natural attributes. An avid outdoorsman himself, Alex takes a particular interest in issues affecting the wildland-urban interface, the economic welfare of gateway and rural communities, conservation of natural spaces, and in bringing nature-based amenities into our densest neighborhoods for the purpose of public health and well-being. With equity and resiliency top of mind, Alex co-chairs the Chapter Outreach and Communications Committee. 

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Josh Olhava, AICP

Josh is a Sr. Community Planner and Sr. Project Manager at Ayres where he leads a dynamic planning team as part of Ayres' Western Development Services Division. With over a decade of public sector experience, he enjoys using his diverse skills and experiences to help communities overcome challenges and work to meet their goals. In addition to his role as Treasurer, Josh is actively involved with the Professional Development, Conference Planning, and Youth in Planning Committees. Outside of work, he enjoys staying active and spending time with his family.

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North Central Area Representative

Lesli K. Ellis, AICP CEP

Lesli has almost 30 years of planning experience and currently serves as Larimer County’s Community Development Director. She has planned for local and regional governments in Colorado, New Mexico, and Washington and has consulted with over 40 communities in the U.S. on long range plans and policies, codes, and open lands and conservation programs. Lesli received a Master of Urban Planning and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington in Seattle and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

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Denver Metro Area Representative (1 of 2)

Amanda Kannard

Amanda Kannard is an urban planner, designer, and project manager with over seven years of experience in the planning field, and is currently a Senior Associate at Progressive Urban Management Associates (P.U.M.A.). Amanda works on a diversity of projects, from neighborhood, downtown, and corridor plans, to comprehensive community engagement efforts, to strategic visioning and organizational plans. Prior to joining P.U.M.A., Amanda gained urban design, public engagement, and research experience at urban planning consulting firms in the Chicago and Los Angeles regions and gained public sector planning experience in place management organizations in Chicago during her time as a graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Denver Metro Area Representative (2 of 2)

Britt Palmberg, AICP

Britt Palmberg, AICP, has served as a Project Manager and Planner for a variety of public and private sector clients as a consultant in Colorado and the Midwest since 2006. He has led a number of comprehensive plans, corridor studies, streetscape projects, and related assignments. He currently leads the planning practice for Rick Community Planning (part of Rick Engineering) here in Colorado, based out of Centennial.

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Central Mountain Area Representative

Mark Truckey, AICP

Mark Truckey currently serves as the Community Development Director for the Town of Breckenridge. He has worked for over 30 years in the planning field, with a special emphasis on long range planning for communities and in environmental initiatives. Mark worked for ten years in several jurisdictions in Washington State, where he developed and implemented comprehensive plans and water quality plans for several communities. In 1997 he moved with his family to Colorado and worked for eight years as Long Range Planning Manager for Summit County, where he headed up a number of planning efforts such as the establishment of the County’s Backcountry Zone, the Transfer of Development Rights program for the Upper Blue Basin, and numerous basin master plans. Most recently, for the last 14 years Mark has served first as Assistant Director and then as Director of Community Development for the Town of Breckenridge, where he has had a broad range of duties. These have included oversight of the Planning, Open Space and Trails, Building, Housing, and Sustainability divisions. Mark headed up efforts to develop the Town’s SustainableBreck Plan in 2011. Mark has devoted a good portion of his time to implementing the SustainableBreck Plan, where he spearheaded several efforts, including the enactment of the Town’s disposable bag fee and reusable bag program, and the adoption of the Town’s goals to achieve 100 percent renewable energy.

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Northwest Area Representative

Nicole Galehouse, AICP

Nicole Galehouse, AICP is a Principal Planner with the City of Grand Junction Department of Community Development.  Urban planning has been her passion for the past 10 years, working in Florida and Colorado on projects including livability studies, golf course/brownfield redevelopment, large-scale community planning, and code revisions.  A Florida native, she has been in Colorado for just over a year and feels at home in the mountains.  Nicole holds a Bachelor of Science in Sustainability & the Built Environment from the University of Florida and a Master of Urban & Regional Planning from Florida Atlantic University. 

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Southwest Area Representative

James Dickhoff

South Central Area Representative

Katelynn Wintz, AICP

Katelynn Wintz, AICP is a Planning Supervisor for the City of Colorado Planning Department. Although she focuses on development review at work, her passion for planning includes areas of interest ranging from comprehensive planning, bike/ped safety, affordable housing, food systems, and the intersections of gender and planning. Katelynn also volunteers on the Executive Board of APA's Women & Planning Division as the Director of Programs.

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Appointed Voting Board Positions

Professional Development Officer (PDO) and Professional Development Committee Representative

Erin Fosdick, AICP

Erin Fosdick is a Principal Planner for the Town of Erie; she has 18 years of local and regional planning experience. Erin earned her Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado Denver in 2007.  In her work, Erin specializes in long range planning and community involvement. She manages complex planning projects, including subarea planning, drafting and updating development codes, and participating in other special citywide projects.

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Legislative Affairs Representative

Shaida Libhart, AICP

Shaida Libhart is an AICP-certified planner and Principal Associate with TEI Planning & Engineering, leading their Denver office. Shaida focuses on multimodal planning and developing plans that are holistic and focused on improving quality of life. Shaida believes that transportation is a driver of our communities and can that well-connected places with safe mobility options facilitate strong, vibrant communities. After spending several years in the public sector, Shaida developed knowledge and expertise in funding and implementation strategies. She brings these strategies into the projects she works on to create projects that are community-driven, feasible, and create positive change. Shaida loves spending time outdoors hiking, fishing, riding bikes, snowboarding, and enjoying all the sunshine that Colorado has to offer. Shaida holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration from the University of Missouri – St. Louis.

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Public Official Representative

James Shockey, AICP

James Shockey, AICP, currently serves as chairperson for the Grand Lake Planning Commission. He has sat on the Commission for over a decade and as chairperson for the last two years. James serves as the Community Development Director for the Town of Winter Park overseeing planning and building services. Outside of work, you can find him hiking, biking, and enjoying family time with his wife and daughter. 

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Planning Faculty Representative

Carrie Makarewicz

Carrie Makarewicz, PhD is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Colorado Denver. She does applied research on the implications for individuals and families from the interactions among public investments, private development, planning processes, and public policies with a focus on transportation infrastructures, affordable housing, public schools, community development, and disaster recovery. Prior to academia, she worked as a city planner, consultant, and policy analyst. 

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Emerging Planning Professional Representative and Emerging Planning Professionals Committee Representative

Johnny Malpica, AICP

Johnny Malpica is a Planner I for the City of Colorado Springs Department of Planning and Development. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Planning, Public Policy and Geography, as well as a Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP) from Rutgers University. Johnny has over six years of professional experience as a community-based educator and project coordinator. He is passionate about engaging diverse communities in creating inspiring, equitable, and sustainable places to live, work and play. Outside of working hours, you can find him hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding.

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Appointed Non-Voting Board Positions

American Planning Association for Students (APAS) President

Levi Griffith

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee Representative

Jennifer Woods, AICP

Jennifer Woods, AICP: Jennifer has enjoyed her 15-year planning career from various regions in the country ranging from the desert southwest to the Pacific northwest and the southeast. She earned a Bachelors in Business Administration from Texas Tech University and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University, during which time she also served in the Peace Corps in Albania. Jennifer loves to go camping and hiking with her family (where there is no cell phone service). She is currently employed by the Town of Hudson in southeast Weld County as the Planning Director and Interim Town Manager.

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Great Places Committee Representative

Renae Stavros, AICP

As an urban planner, triathlete, runner, mom, wife, and municipal city planner, my days are busy and my time is valuable. I love spending time visiting new places, eating great food, and enjoying all that Colorado has to offer – that is what makes the Great Places in Colorado committee so much fun! I will forever be searching for the best place to go on ‘date night’, the best place to take the family for an evening of entertainment, and the best place to find a little bit of piece and quiet (usually on long trails in the mountains that are not heavily traveled). 

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Healthy Communities Committee Representative

Kris Valdez, AICP MURP

Kris Valdez, a seasoned planner with over 25 years of experience in both public and private sector clients, currently serves as a Program Manager at the Denver Regional Council of Governments. Kris has demonstrated her proficiency in managing some of the most significant and controversial projects of her employers by utilizing her analytical and organizational skills. She is adept at evaluating and synthesizing complex information, crafting conservation easements, organizing genuine community engagement, conducting public presentations, providing exemplary customer service, budgeting, organization, and explicating intricate legal documents into everyday language.

Kris Valdez's vast experience in the field and her exceptional professional skills make her a valuable asset to any organization.

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Legislative Committee Representative

Scott Bressler, AICP

Scott is a Senior Transportation Planner at AECOM with over 15 years of planning experience. He received his Bachelor Degree in Urban Studies from Metro State University of Denver in 1998 and his Master Degree in Urban and  Regional Planning from the University of Colorado, Denver in 2005. Throughout his career, Scott has primarily worked on transit projects in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Utah; evaluating a variety of modes including light rail, commuter rail, bus rapid transit, demand response, and traditional bus service.

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Membership Committee Representative

Susan Woods, FAICP

Susan A. Wood, FAICP, is a Planning Project Manager, Environmental, with more than 15 years in transit planning, preceded by more than 10 years in land use planning where she worked for local governments in the Denver Metropolitan area. At the Regional Transportation District (RTD), she oversees project clearance and compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. Susan represents RTD on the board of the Regional Air Quality Council. She holds a MURP degree from the University of Colorado at Denver and a B.S. degree in Geology from Baylor University. Within APA, she serves on the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, and on the Legislative and Policy Committee, where she co-chaired APA’s Planning for Equity Policy Guide. Previously, she served as the APA Board Director, Region V, on the Chapter Presidents Council Executive Committee, and on the Social Equity Task Force. For APA Colorado, Susan is a past-president of the Chapter.

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Sustainability Committee Representative

Dana Hoffman

Youth in Planning Committee Representative

Morgan Hester, AICP CNU-A

Morgan is the Planning Manager for the Long Range Planning Division with the City of Colorado Springs, which includes Comprehensive Planning, Neighborhood Planning, and Special Projects assigned to the Department. She most recently comprehensively updated the City of Colorado Springs’ zoning and subdivision code and established the first Neighborhood University for the City in collaboration with CONO (Council of Neighborhood Organizations). Morgan received a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture and Master’s in Land Development from Texas A&M University. She currently serves as the APA CO Chair of the Youth in Planning Committee, is an active member of the APA CO Professional Development Committee, and is a member of the APA National Exam Committee.

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Student Representative

Alex Curtis

Allied Organization Representative


Interested? Let the Chapter Executive Director know!

Chapter Executive Director

Abbey Aguirre

Abbey joined APA Colorado in 2023 as the new Chapter Executive Director. Prior to joining APA Colorado, Abbey worked with several other non-profits as an Association Manager. She received her Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Colorado State University. Outside of work, Abbey enjoys camping, reading, and attending sporting events.

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