Outreach and Communication Committee

Co-Chair and Committee Representative

Alex Bergeron

With over a decade of professional experience in Colorado, in both the private and public sectors, and prior experience in Rhode Island, Alex brings to the Board a perspective informed in part by his work with a very diverse set of client communities; including those which are urban in character, others more suburban, those known for their affluence, and some celebrated for their natural attributes. An avid outdoorsman himself, Alex takes a particular interest in issues affecting the wildland-urban interface, the economic welfare of gateway and rural communities, conservation of natural spaces, and in bringing nature-based amenities into our densest neighborhoods for the purpose of public health and well-being. With equity and resiliency top of mind, Alex co-chairs the Chapter Outreach and Communications Committee. 

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Shelia Booth, AICP

What We Do

We are a committee with many subcommittees who focus on tasks such as publication material, updating and managing the Chapter website, editing and publishing the quarterly newsletter, Planning Matters, developing relationships with allied professionals, and educating the general public on what we do as planners.

Mission: To serve as ambassadors for the planning profession by improving the visibility, understanding, and appreciation of the planning profession through education outreach, and facilitating collaboration.

In order to fulfill our mission, the Outreach and Communication Committee will engage public officials, allied professions, students, educators, interest groups, the media, the public at large, and planning professions and focus on the following strategies in five core areas:

  1. Building relationships with allied professions, 
  2. Providing planning related education and information to the general public, 
  3. Coordinating volunteer efforts on behalf of the chapter, 
  4. Actively disseminate relevant information to the membership, 
  5. Provide forums to connect members to each other.