Youth in Planning Committee

Chair and Committee Representative

Morgan Hester, AICP CNU-A

Morgan is the Planning Manager for the Long Range Planning Division with the City of Colorado Springs, which includes Comprehensive Planning, Neighborhood Planning, and Special Projects assigned to the Department. She most recently comprehensively updated the City of Colorado Springs’ zoning and subdivision code and established the first Neighborhood University for the City in collaboration with CONO (Council of Neighborhood Organizations). Morgan received a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture and Master’s in Land Development from Texas A&M University. She currently serves as the APA CO Chair of the Youth in Planning Committee, is an active member of the APA CO Professional Development Committee, and is a member of the APA National Exam Committee.

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The Youth in Planning Committee was created with the goal of developing resources for Planners and Teachers to assist in engaging the next generation.  Available tools and curriculum can be utilized in classrooms from K-12 meeting State minimum standards, tailored to meet the education needs of each grade level.  The Youth in Planning Committee partners with other APA Colorado Committees to encourage engagement and education.

Why Involve and Engage Youth?

Improved Plans - Whether it's a Comprehensive Plan or Code Amendment, the next generation has incredible insight that we, as planners, may never consider.  As current and future users of the spaces planners create, youth should be involved to voice their needs to ensure all users can enjoy the same benefits.  

Leadership Opportunities - Participation in public processes and involvement in education fosters opportunities for new skills and meaningful relationships with others. 

Citizenship and Service - Involvement with planning allows for a better understanding of local government and its functions, how community goals and issues are accomplished and resolved and develops habits of public participation and positive citizenship.  

Introduction to Careers in Government - Through participation in local government, youth have a front seat experience in planning and related professional fields which may encourage career exploration in public service.

Youth in Planning Toolkit

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