The Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association typically maintains a membership of over 1,500 members statewide.  Worldwide, APA membership ranges from 35,000 to 40,000. In Colorado, as well as nationally, members are professional planners, planning commissioners and elected officials, students, and allied professionals.

Planning professionals in APA come from both the private sector and public sector and represent a wide variety of disciplines such as land use, transportation, design, environmental planning, housing, urban, rural, conservation, and many others.

Membership in this diverse organization provides access to knowledge, materials, and professional expertise not only statewide, but nationally. This provides a broad base upon which to build your career and strengthen your professional planning practice.

To learn more about APA and APA Colorado memberships, please visit our membership information pages.

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Whether you are a professional planner, planning commissioner or elected official, student, or work in an allied profession, APA has something for you. With members around the world, nation, and locally in Colorado in a wide range of planning disciplines, membership in APA opens up opportunities for networking, sharing experiences and knowledge, training opportunities, and tapping into a variety of planning resources.

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